Can it be installed on my existing garden?

Some companies will happily lay artificial grass over the top of your existing lawn but this should not happen. The lawn will sweat and eventually this will damaged the lawn while also bringing a pungent smell. You can lay onto patio, decking and most flat areas but may need to be fixed to the ground using adhesive. Foam shockpads are also available to soften the base.

Are the artificial lawns safe for children and pet friendly?

All the artificial lawns we offer non toxic and safe for both children and pets. As all materials are supplied from within the UK, they all comply to the regulations as required. With pets we would recommend an infill of Envirofill, a specialised material from the USA that removes bacteria and odours. You can install artificial grass without the envirofill but you would be required to disinfect the area on a regular basis to neutrilise odours.

How long will it take to install?

It all depends on the work involved and access, but a standard garden installation can be completed within 2 days. Our Slimline systems should be installed in a day depending on size. For play areas and larger gardens this will be discussed during the visit. 

Will the grass be hard if i install on a balcony or decking area?

For this kind of installation we would recommend a foam underlay shockpad, this will soften any impacts on the grass and will feel softer underfoot, this can be used on most installations if required.


All materials we use are high quality, We do not cut corners by using substandard materials. Every product including joining tape and glue are from reputable suppliers and are highly recommended within the industry. All lawns are UV stable so it will stay green. We may not be the cheapest quote you get but our materials are designed to last the test of time and our installation team are highly experienced.


Artificial lawns are not totally maintenance free. They should be brushed once every month or two depending on usage with a stiff brush to keep the pile raised, you will be shown how to do this on installation. And any pet mess should be removed and watered down with a hose. This will all add to the life of the lawn.


How much does instalallation cost?

A lot of customers under estimate the costs involved with installation. The excavated materials has to be removed in a skip and new material reinstated, we use high quality weed control to prevent issues arising years down the line. And of course all of this takes time. The sub base is the most critical part of the installation as this ensures your lawn doesn`t  subside over time.

Do you use sand in the subbase?

This is a big No from us. You will find this is a common method used by non experienced installers to keep costs low and make it look more attractive to the customer. Our subbases are designed to last a lifetime and if the grass needs to be replaced in years to come then that is all you will have to replace with our systems. We think long term not short!! Sand subbases are also not good when your have pets as the sand absorbs the urine and especially during summer months will have a pungent smell. 

Do you price match?

In a word we don`t. This is because there are few installers that offer the specificiations we offer, the guarantess we offer and the warranties our manufacturers offer. However if you were to have a like for like then we would be interested to see what we could do for you, send us your quote and we will try to beat it.

Do you offer a grass supply only?

Yes, all of our grasses are availble on a supply only basis. This includes the specialised Envirofill infill. Get in touch for details.

How long will i have to wait for installation?

We normally try and fit most installs within 3 weeks from your instruction to proceed, as most installs are normally 1-2 days we can normally work within these times. We can also install at weekends if this works with the customer. During peak perods our lead time could be 6 weeks.

How long have you offered paving services?

We have only just started offer paving services, this is because we were asked by a few customers who wanted artificial grass and paving together so it made sense for us to employ a paving installer. Our installer has 30 years of experience within the civils and ground works industry, we have both previously worked for bigger businesses on an employed basis but have now decided to move forward ourselves.

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We`ve seen artificial grass for £4m2 online, do you offer this?

Unfortuately we will not offer inferior products to our customers, if you are buying at this price just think what they are buying it for! you couldnt buy a decent lino for this so please be aware.

We have had a quote alot cheaper than your, why?

Ok, so we are a big believer in you are only as good as the products you sell. Which is true, cheaper alternatives will eventually break down over time. For the first few years they will look great but the test of time and proglonged uv will tell the true story. So we would rather not play that game and just offer greats products from the outset.

Does your pet infill have to be topped up?

This is one of the beauties with this product, It is designed to be infilled once and that is all. It comes with a 16 years manufacturer warranty so as long as you have the correct amount infilled thats you sorted! Unlike other infills on the market that have to be topped up regularly.