Pet advice - for a pet and family friendly lawn?

OK so this is something which we get asked alot, there are many different opinions on this but we will give you our thoughts and options we offer

 In general all our grasses are pet friendly, but its the sub base, infill and maintenence that are key to keeping them looking good and odour free. We wouldnt recommend having a pet lawn installed without the specialised infill, We have been out to survey many installations less than 3 years old where the customer wasnt advised correctly and are now left with a lawn that smells pungent of ammonia and cannot afford to replace. Only specialised installers can give the correct advice and although the infill expense maybe high, but as a one off cost this will stop any future issues. The cheapest price isnt always the right price!!

The Options


Latex Backed Grass

These grasses can be used by pets but as the backing absorbs moisture more regular maintenance is required and should be used with the Envirofill infill.  We have a large range of latex lawns ranging from £15 - £30m2 inc vat.


Polyurethane Backed Grass

These grasses are ideal for pets as the polyurethane back doesnt absorb moisture and therefore wont hold onto the urine. These grasses are more expensive than the latex option but require less maintenance than the latex option.  We have 3 polyurethane lawns to choose from ranging from £21 - £38m2 inc vat


Envirofill - One Application = 16 year guarantee

No watering, no allergies, and no strong odors from dog waste a turf infill with little to no maintenance. Envirofill has a unique  rounded design which avoids compaction and promotes better percolation  rates than traditional infills which means better drainage before and  after clean up. This is useable on latex and polyurethane grasses and comes with a 16 year guarantee. This option is highly recommended for both options of grass and peace of mind when children and pets share the same space.