Pet advice - for a pet and family friendly lawn?

OK so this is something which we get asked alot, there are many different opinions on this but not all work!! 

 In general all our grasses are pet friendly, but its the sub base, infill and maintenence that are key to keeping them looking good and odour free.

We wouldn`t recommend having a pet lawn installed without the specialised infill Envirofill because this breaksdown the urate crystals and stop ammoina forming, Inexperienced installers will advise the use of disinfectant but this only masks the smell and doesn`t touch the ammonia.

The infill also helps protects the backing and fibres when the dogs run around  and play.

 We have been out to survey many installations less than 3 years old where the customer wasn`t advised correctly and are now left with a lawn that smells pungent of ammonia and cannot afford to replace. It seems alot of businesses call themselves "specialist/experts" when their main business is not in the artificial grass trade and therfore do not have the correct knowledge to advise but merely to get a sale. Using a single layer granite/sand base is not acceptable for pet use due to its absorbing nature, And should never be offered/accepted for pet use.

Only specialised installers can give the correct advice and although the infill expense maybe high, but as a one off cost this will stop any future issues. And comes with a 16 year manufacturer guarantee.

The cheapest price isn`t always the right price!!

The Options


Latex Backed Grass

These grasses can be used by pets but as the backing absorbs moisture more regular maintenance is required and should be used with the Envirofill infill.  We have a large range of latex lawns ranging from £15 - £30m2 inc vat.


Polyurethane Backed Grass

These grasses are ideal for pets as the polyurethane back doesnt absorb moisture and therefore wont hold onto the urine. These grasses are more expensive than the latex option but require less maintenance than the latex option.  We have 3 polyurethane lawns to choose from ranging from £21 - £38m2 inc vat


This is a recent photo of an installation by another contractor without any infill, the labrador ripped this with his claw. This could just be down to the dog wanting to do it or it could be lower grade grass. However from experience even dogs that were regular diggers stop when an infill is in place as the base of the grass becomes more solid and all they do is run claws through the infill and not the fibres/backing So they have no interest.


Infill That's Pet-Safe, Because They're Family Too




Envirofill offers unparalleled health and safety advantages for  people, pets, and playgrounds. It’s infused with Microban antimicrobial  protection, which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and  mildew, and prevents stains, odors and product deterioration.


It’s  also lusher and longer-lasting than other turf infill options.  With many benefits and proven results, Envirofill is the last infill you  will ever need.



 If you are looking for the most natural turf infill for residential and  commercial landscaping, Safeshell is the gold standard. It’s  USGreentech’s organic, nontoxic infill that doesn’t compromise on  safety, integrity, or quality. Especially well-suited for backyards and  other landscaped sites near waterways, Safeshell does the seemingly  impossible– combining performance with environmental stewardship in  low-maintenance, long-lasting turf systems. 


 Lovable, cuddly pets are guaranteed to leave a less than cute mess!  Thankfully, we’ve invented the perfect turf infill for homes with dogs  and other furry friends. Envirofill is non-toxic and completely reusable  for dogs, with a look and feel you’ll love as much as your pups. Best  yet- it’s infused with Microban® antimicrobial protection, so it works  continuously to help inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew  that can cause odors. 


Up to 99% odour reduction   

Microban® technology reduces ammonia odor from urine up to  99%. Microban has been scientifically proven to disrupt the bacteria  process that converts pet urine into ammonia odor. So be assured, Fido  can go about his business worry-free


 No watering, no allergies, and no strong odors from pet waste—a turf  infill with little to no maintenance. Envirofill has a unique rounded  design which avoids compaction and promotes better percolation rates  than traditional infills which means better drainage before and after  clean up.