Standard Sub base system

hand dig of existing lawn


We remove around 75mm of the existing base and place into skips for removal from property,  then build the plastic lumber frame to the required level. This frame is our standard as it will last a lifetime without rotting. Where there is a surrounding existing edge ie patio/fence/wall edging will not be required.


Sub base

Our standard sub base is very high in specification compared to our competitors, Firstly we install the first layer of weed membrane, And then install a 50/60mm MOT Type 1 base compacted using a wacker plate, We then install a 15/20mm Grano dust layer to create a flat smooth finish, again this is compacted using a wacker plate. Then the second layer of weed control is installed prior to installation of artificial grass.


Wetpour sub base

As our many years experience come from within the sports surface industry we have decided to offer the wetpour rubber shockpad base to domestic customers. This is usually found under the majority of artificial sports pitches to break the fall and reduce injury to players. It consists of rubber granules and a moisture cure resin bound together, then laid insitu to a depth of 15mm over the top of the MOT Type 1. This will create a soft spongy feeling under foot, perfect for children. This is an expensive option that will only be quoted for if requested. We do not know another domestic installer that can offer this service in house, We are specialists in this industry!!

Budget sub base system

Slimline Sub Base

budget sub base

Our slimline subbase is suitable for front, rear gardens and areas of moderate foot traffic. It will still be a solid system that we would expect to last many years without any movement. Not suitable for areas that retain water due to lower depth or pet installations.


granite dust sub base

Excavate 40mm of existing lawn

Install a 40mm recycled edging

Install a double layer of weed control

Install 40mm of natural bonding granite 6mm to dust 


2 year guarantee

Due to the lower specification our works guarantee is reduced to 2 years, all our artificial grasses come with a standard 10 year warranty. 



Eco commitment

In our commitment to the enviroment we have decided not to offer our customers the wooden edging system. This is because the wood rots within 6 years and is wasted. It also doesn`t last anywhere near the expected lifetime of artificial grass with some lifespans upto 30 years, so is it really fit for purpose? But with the issues with climate change and oceans in focus we have decided to only offer recycled plastic edgings, these will last well over the lifetime of artificial grass . The costs are higher than the wooden alternative but once installed they will last the test of time without any maintenance.

Get involved in the revolution and check out our suppliers for more recycled plastic alternatives.



We use Kedel for our high strength edgings, British plastic recycling company based in Burnley



We use Filcris for our flexible edging systems, High strengh but very flexible.  Based in Cambridge.



If you prference is sleepers we can supply & install a wide range of sizes all H3 treated.